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What is Web Hosting ?

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What is Web Hosting ?

Web hosting is the activity or service of supplying storage space to individuals or organizations, for the websites that are obtainable via World Wide Web. You have some server house wherever you store your website’s files and you have got an entire management over it

So, what then is hosting? It is the server that delivers your files to your site visitors. Basically, you can’t have a web site while not a host. Hosting is commonly the terribly commencement in fitting you web site.

Your internet hosting plan/package could be a permission that specifies however you’re aiming to use your on-line house. Very often, internet hosting arrange is bought along with the domain name, but they function independently, just like your business and your workspace.

What to expect from a Web Host

Hosting firms are responsible for the facility, server space, internet connection, and making sure the server is available all the time. If you are having problem with your website, usually, web host support will work with you to determine if the problem is on your side or theirs.

A web host will generally have a quick association to the Internet and they may host thousands of web sites on servers.

Types of Hosting

There are different types of web hosting plans and dependent upon your website and budget, any of these may be the appropriate type.

  1. Shared Hosting

This is the most common (and also has lesser cost) form of hosting. Most of the websites you use and depend on a shared host. It simply means that the web hosting account is SHARED on a server with many other web hosting accounts. It is best for tiny businesses, whose websites have low to moderate traffic and CPU needs.

  1. Dedicated Hosting

This may be regarded as the opposite of shared hosting. Dedicated hosting provides a site its terribly own server, thus no more sharing with anybody else. This means quicker speeds, a safer site, no impact from other sites, more customization options—all at a much higher price tag.

  1. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS is just another form of shared hosting. But when you purchase VPS hosting, it simply means that you are sharing similar server with fewer users. Each section is reserved and that they act severally of one another.

What type of Hosting do I need then?

Here are a few reasons you may have a have a preference of one to another:

  • High Traffic

If your site is getting tons of traffic (like 250,000+ visits per month), you should consider a hosting option more equipped to handle the traffic.

  • Zero Downtime

If even a moment or two of period of time at 2am once a year could be a drawback for your company, you probably need to upgrade to another form of hosting. But most sites won’t notice that kind of minimal downtime and most shared hosts do offer 99% uptime.

  • Custom Features

If you would like bespoken options or have specific special needs, shared hosting may not be for you.

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