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Web Development Languages


Web development is the process of taking finished web designs and transforming them into fully functioning, interactive websites. Web development is what gives life and movement to static designs, and enables users to access the website through their web browsers. This is done by translating the designs into web coding languages that can be interpreted and displayed by web browsers.

Web development is a task which you may find hard to do on your own if you are not skilled at it. Selecting a web development language is a crucial part of any web development. There are several ways, techniques and tools to expand your web development.

Web Development Languages

There are diversities of Web development languages. Here’s is our list of the best Programming languages you can/should learn. Note that they were compiled on the basis of popularity, ease of learning, etc.

  1. Java

  2. Python

  3. Javascript

  4. C++

  5. C#

  6. PHP

  • PHP

PHP (which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting programming language designed specifically for developing web-based applications that require maximum functionality with minimum code. Within an HTML page, you can embed PHP code that be executed each time the page is visited.

  • It is best suited for server side programming that includes repetitive server-tasks performed during the development of your website. The cool thing with PHP is that it has an Open-source language.

  • It is well suited for advertising apps, media, agency, small software business, and startup business owners.

  • Using PHP, you have unlimited control over your web server. Whether you need to modify HTML on the fly, process a credit card, add user details to a database, or fetch information from a third-party website, you can do it all from within the same PHP files in which the HTML itself resides.

  • JAVA

Java was developed by the Sun Microsystems. It is top pick as one of the most popular Programming Languages on the internet.

  • It is used for developing a stand-alone program as well as individual applets used in complex websites.

  • Is an Open-source language.

  • Suitable for financial sector development, enterprise applications, and small software business.


Python is a dynamic Programming language which means that the developer can write and run the code without needing a separate compiler. Support multiple programming paradigms such as object-oriented programming, structured programming, and even functional programming.

  • Used as a scripting language (language supporting written programs for the special run time environment and offer automatic execution of code).

  • Excellent language for scientific, academic and research level applications.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript is the oldest of Web development languages. It was created to enable scripting access to all the elements of an HTML document. In other words, it provides a means for dynamic user interaction such as checking email address validity in input forms, and displaying prompts such as “Did you really mean that?”.

Combined with CSS, JavaScript is the power behind dynamic web pages that change in front of your eyes rather than when a new page is returned by the server.

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