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Mobile Marketing Strategies to Promote your Online Business

Mobile Marketing


Digital Mobile Marketing :

Have you ever wondered what the world was like without mobile phones and gadgets? Say 15 years ago? That would have been awkward!

The purpose of this mobile device is no longer to just make a phone call, but instead to be a means of gaining an entry to information, different channels of communication, payment and more. As mobile device penetration grows, so do opportunities for Digital Marketing strategy.

The mobile phone is an important device to consider in any Digital Marketing strategy. Mobile phones are always carried and always on a potent combination for any Mobile Marketing strategy. The mobile phone is a very personal device, meaning that Marketing communications need careful planning.

Campaigns may be totally successful but care needs to be observed to ensure that they are not invasive.

Some of the most crucial messaging and information options available to Mobile Marketing strategy are SMS, MMS, Bluetooth / wireless and USSD, as well as the capabilities of the information channels which deliver these services. Recent mobile technology, such as mobile applications, augmented reality, QR codes and geo targeting provide Digital Marketing strategy with further ways of engaging with a mobile audience.



SMS Marketing is the communication between brand, marketer and client using a mobile phone’s short message service (SMS).

One can also think of SMS Marketing as a portable billboard, magazine

TV or radio: the message is carried around with the client it’s direct location sensitive, potentially invasive and always intentional.

MMS (multimedia message service) Marketing is the next level of SMS Marketing. Most modern phones and all smartphones have color screens and can accept images, video and audio clips in their wireless messages. This enables marketers to send color messages to customers.


mobile phone

mobile phone users have proved reluctant to hand over their phone number for Digital Marketing messages, perhaps fearing a similar deluge of spam for which email has such a poor name.

Once potential clients have given permission to communicate with them via their mobile number timely messages can be sent to their mobile phone.

These can be promotional or sales orientated, such as special offers or information about upcoming events.

On a lot of cellphones, users need to at least open an SMS message in order to delete it.

Mobile phones are generally kept on personal identity at most times, meaning that messages are more likely to be read very soon after being dispersed.

Sending SMS is the first step to making mobile phones a personal platform of communication.

It offers an opportunity not just to push a message to clients but also to initiate a response. By including a common short code (CSC) – a short telephone number, usually 5 digits long – into an SMS message, Digital Marketers are able to get customers to participate in polling, voting, making a donation, ordering ring tones and signing up for services.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is important for any business (online or physical), especially if it is service related, because of the need to maintain a good level of communication with customers.


Multimedia message service (MMS) messages usually have graphics, audio, video, and text.

MMS messages are expressly useful in wide campaigns, whether encouraging users to use their phones to make content (photographic, audio, or video) or to transfer content.

These messages allow for richer data ;

 be sent using WAP but the costs are higher than SMS  .


Bluetooth is an open wireless technology for the transfer of data over a measurable distance between mobile phones.

Newest mobile phones have this connectivity ability.

By turning on your Bluetooth transmitter, you can locate other phones just nearby that also have Bluetooth turned on, request access from the user and then transfer a data between devices for free.

Infrared Marketing is one of the obsolete kinds of Mobile Marketing.

By sending free infrared waves within a range of one meter, you can transfer information from one device to another (e.g. from a shop window to a consumer standing in front of it). Unfortunately, due to the limited range, infrared Marketing has not had much success.


According to World Wide Worx statistics released in November 2009, the number of people accessing their bank accounts via mobile overtook those that access their accounts on a PC.

Arthur Goldstuck, Managing Director of World Wide Worx said

“Our research shows that South Africans are becoming comfortable with mobile phone banking but precisely half of general banking customers are still nervous of it, citing trust as their major worry”.

The principle behind cellphone banking is exactly similar as online banking: innovating banking as accessible, easy and instant as possible.

Cellphone banking allows you to check bank statements and balances, transfer money between accounts, make your airtime purchase and make payments.

It’s important to note that although the penetration of mobile banking is higher than internet banking, the former is predominantly used for basic transactions

(checking bank statements and account balances and buying more airtime).


There are several benefits of Mobile Marketing and they include the following:

  • Immediacy:
  • Customers only get to click and read a message once they are at their desks.

  • Chances are that Mobile Marketing will always reach them.

  • Highly Targeted:
  • With opt-in Marketing, you at least know who you are communicating with before sending out the campaign. Principle is usually one phone, one number, one customer.

  • Two-way Dialogue:
  • You can communicate between customer and brand very easily using mobile web, SMS, MMS, email, phone calls and more.

  • Customers are not just there to sell to, but also to build a relationship with.

  • Instantaneous:
  • Sending bulk SMS campaigns, for example, is very quick – if not immediate. It always has an instantaneous effect

  • Affordable:
  • Compared to many traditional Marketing tactics, Mobile Digital Marketing is very affordable.

DISADVANTAGE OF MOBILE DIGITAL MARKETING could be that companies may require permission and privacy agreement from clients before they can intrude. This may be the foundation of any mobile campaign.


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